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Desert Bloom Variscite Ring, Size 6.5


This gorgeous Desert Bloom variscite cabochon is highlighted with a silver "ray" design. The piece is entirely sterling silver and features a bead wire accent and patterned band. Size 6.5.


Desert Bloom variscite comes from the Visa Grande Variscite mine located in the Candelaria Hills of Southwestern Nevada. 


Prior to being shipped all pieces are re-polished and stones are checked for tightness to ensure the piece is as perfect as possible when it arrives. Each piece is made from scratch by hand – no two will ever be alike.


I try to be as accurate with color as possible with both my camera and how they appear on screen. With that being said, no two computer monitors or phones are the same and the color may vary slightly from what you see on the screen to the product as viewed with your own eyes.