Sterling Silver Teardrop Lab Opal Necklace

Sterling Silver Teardrop Lab Opal Necklace


This is a beautiful lab opal set in a sterling silver on a delicate 18" sterling silver chain with a clasp. The stone has a gorgeous green color with a lot of flash. A necklace that's perfect for every day, and is more eco-conscious than mined opals. To read more about the process behind this particular stone, go to, where it was purchased.


Did you know, that lab created stones have a smaller carbon footprint and fewer flaws? Lab created stones, like this opal, go through a process very similar to the one that takes place in nature, just at hyper speed. You can feel good about where this opal came from, as well as the handmade process to make it something pretty, just for you :) Lab opals have similar refraction as mined opals.


Prior to being shipped all pieces are re-polished and stones are checked for tightness to ensure the piece is as perfect as possible when it arrives. Each piece is made from scratch by hand – no two will ever be alike.

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