About Lakeside Silver

Lakeside Silver was officially (legally) formed in 2018, but became a fledgling business in the summer of 2017. Lisa Borton was looking for a creative outlet outside of her day job (more on that here) and took a Beginning Metalsmithing class. She quickly fell in love and gathered the tools to start her own studio in her home. The past nearly 4 years have been filled with wonderful discovery and growth, and Lisa is excited to see what's next!

Why "Lakeside"? 

Lisa had the extreme luck to be born in one of the best states - Michigan. Here, we have lakes galore, and it's hard not to grow up exploring them and vacationing in-state rather than out. Michigan is also home to many beautiful rocks, including the state stone, the Petoskey. If you grew up in Michigan you probably found one washed up on a beach and brought it home as a little vacation memento. Lisa loves creating jewelry that helps remind us of trips taken, family or friends we love.

Lisa's favorite memories usually involve water: sitting in a lawn chair just looking out over Half Moon Lake at her family cottage, day trips to Traverse City with a stop in Beulah for cherry pie, a sister trip to Pictured Rocks in the UP, or her college days on the shores of Lake Michigan. Everything about Michigan is "lakeside," and is filled with opportunities to create many more memories. 

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