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  • How can I find my ring size?
    Any jewelry store will be able to measure your finger for free, so don't feel bad asking! The string method isn't great because it's easily possible to pull the string too tightly, and it doesn't have to work its way over your knuckle. You can also order a ring sizing tool for a few dollars online. Like this one.
  • How do I best care for my jewelry?
    Metals do discolor over time as they're worn, but with a little know-how you can keep them looking new. You should remove your jewelry when showering, working out, or cleaning as water, cleaning products, and sweat can discolor the stone and damage the patina. I recommend using a polishing cloth as opposed to liquid jewelry cleaner (I include a small one with your purchase) so again, you don't damage the patina or stone.
  • Do you accept returns?
    I do my best to accurately represent pieces through photos and descriptions on my website, and it's up to you to look and read to determine if a piece is right for you. I'm not Amazon, and returns are hard on small businesses, so at this time I don't accept them. That being said, if you have questions about a piece to put your mind at ease please email me! I can always send additional photos or measurements.
  • Do you create custom work?
    The short answer is "Yes! Absolutely!" The longer answer is that yes, I love doing custom work but sometimes I'm unable to accomodate for various reasons. I want to help create something that is unique and meaningful for you (even things outside my comfort zone,) but I absolutely don't want to recreate someone else's work.
  • How long is the turnaround time on custom work?
    This varies. Custom pieces vary in their complexity and also it depends on what my schedule looks like for my real job and where you're at in the queue. I'll let you know what the turnaround is before you need to place a deposit.
  • Does custom work need a deposit?
    Yes please :) Starting in 2019 I'll need 50% of the quoted cost down to start the project and the other 50% before the finished piece is shipped. There are no refunds for custom work.
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